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Just Finished (For the third time) - 'Mirror Dance' by Lois McMaster Bujold

Friday, December 6, 2013

It's been awhile since I posted anything, sorry I've been busy.  Part of that was that I was reading 'A People's History of the United States.'  That took up about a month and a half of my time.  Great book, but not really something I'm going to write about on here, not really something I'm qualified to write about anywhere at all.  After that I started looking through what I was going to read next and having a little trouble deciding.

One thing that's kind of bothered me since I started trying to read all the nominees is that I'm constantly pushing to knock more books off the list, even if I really like a book or think to myself that I'd get more out of it if I read it again it just tends to go on the shelf while I whittle the list down some more with the next one. Books like 'Shadow of the Torturer,' or really anything by Gene Wolfe, are really something that you're not going to get everything out of on the first run through.  So after People's History I decided to go back to Lois Bujold and reread some of the Vorkosigan Saga.

I'm really enjoying the later books in the series, even though they have less action I really just like to check in on the characters.  The way Bujold advances the series and takes the characters through all the major milestones of a lifetime is very satisfying for the readers who have stuck through the entire Saga.  While I admit I came a little late to Bujold's work I'm now completely caught up (also in the last month I finished 'Ceteganda,' the last Vorkosigan book I hadn't read) and this makes me incredibly sad.  I still have Bujold's other Hugo and Nebula nominated series The Sharing Knife which I haven't even started, but I'm saving it for when I really need it.

One thing I found when going back over the series is that I didn't even own 'Mirror Dance,' my favorite book in the series, and also the book where I felt the entire Saga graduated from a fun little SF story into something else entirely.  Dance is where Bujold made the leap into the next tier of SF writers.

I'm giving up entirely on reviewing the Vorkosigan Saga in order, she didn't write the books that way so I shouldn't feel compelled to review the books that way.  A review for 'Mirror Dance' will be up soon.

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