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Just Finished (For the third time) - 'Mirror Dance' by Lois McMaster Bujold

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I just finished 'Glory Road' by Robert Heinlein.  It was actually better than I thought it was going to be, I'll be writing a review for it later today.  I think I'm going to start reading 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell' by Susanna Clarke, it's a huge book but I'll have to start it eventually.  This book probably would have been a good bet to read on the kindle.

I lost my copy of 'Glory Road' midway through reading it and used my Kindle to get it fast and finish it.  I hate to say it but that's the main way I use the device.  With the price of used books being what they are (try it makes no sense to me to pay full price for a e-copy of a book.  Though I do wish I had a smaller version of Strange and Norell, this thing weighs like eight pounds.

I'll be writing and posting a review of 'Glory Road' later today, and I think it's time I wrote another review for an older book I've already written.

Also I finished reading 'Anansi Boys' by Neil Gaiman, only to find that he had refused the Hugo nomination for the novel.  I never read the 'Sandman' graphic novels or 'Coraline' so I kind of missed out on what made Gaiman so popular.  I didnt see what the fuss was with 'American Gods' but I loved 'The Graveyard Book.'  I think he was right to turn down the nomination for Anansi, Gaiman's popularity has reached a point where every one of his books will win the Hugo if left unchecked.  I almost feel like the internet will rise up and get me if I say too much bad about Gaiman.

But, I did like Anansi, it started off slow but finished strong.  I'm not going to publish a review for it.  It didn't win any awards, and even though 2006 wasn't the best year for the Hugo Award I don't think it can be considered snubbed or robbed of the award.  The other nominees were just as or more deserving.

Next time I'll double check before I just assume that a book was nominated.  Though I don't regret reading it, the book did raise my opinion of Gaiman somewhat.  Check back later for my review of 'Glory Road' and I think it's time I reviewed another older book that I've already finished.

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